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I provide nutrition education in addiction facilities, either in a group or individual sessions. I feel that eating and learning about healthy foods is so important during recovery. I strongly encourage you to consider nutrition as part of the therapies just like any other service that your center offers. If you wish a successful recovery for your clients and you want your facility to have the lowest relapse % please consider adding nutrition classes to your program. Don't hesitate to ask me how nutrition can improve the quality of your care. The following is my signature protocol: 





Would you like to taste the awesomeness served in my nutrition group? Do you want to learn how nutrition can support and speed your recovery? Then let me inspire you. Come and join me for a fun and informative class.


Here is the recipe:


1 pound of nutrition information

½ cup of dietary advice

1 tablespoon of food jokes

1 bunch of laughter and fun


In a bottomless barrel mix the aforementioned ingredients; slice it up then serve as one-hour portion every week. If you crave some more, don’t be afraid to ask. The dietitian can whip up a one on one session just for you… 





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