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If you landed on this page most likely you are one of the many who have been suffering with multiple symptoms like migraine (or other headache types), irritable bowel syndrome, chronic diarrhea, heartburn, fibromyalgia, arthritis, joint pain, weight imbalances, chronic fatigue, and many more. Most likely you don’t know where to start to get life back.  Most likely you have been to many practitioners without significant relief. If you recognize yourself in all the aforementioned categories it is very likely that I can help.  I work with a blood test (Mediator Release Test) that checks your reaction to 140 foods and 30 chemicals to identify which are the foods that might cause symptoms. Because food sensitivities are not immediate and can be delayed from few hours to few days, it is extremely difficult to “guess” which food might be bothering you. After identifying the culprits, I assist you to design an individualized meal plan. I also provide you with a shopping list and suggestions to prepare meals. And of course we will review cosmetics  and personal products if your react to chemicals as well. This approach allows your body to heal from within and get your life back to the fullest. Don't delay, give me a call to start working on your health today. 


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