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All services except consultation in addiction facilities:

A la carte

Initial consultation (~ 1 hour)-$150.00

Follow up consultation (~ 1 hour)-$125.00

Follow up consultation (~30 minutes)-$ 70.00




1 initial + 2follow ups $375 (savings of $25)

1 initial + 4follow ups $600 (savings of $50)



1 initial + 6follow ups $800 (savings of $100)



MRT test kit (draw not included)+ review results (90-120 minutes)




To get quotes for nutrition education in addiction facilities please call 


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Labs assist the registered dietitian in finding nutritional insufficiencies or deficiences. Furthermore, labs can detect food sensitivites. 

The following lab tests are available:

MRT (mediator released test)-the leader in food sensitivities testing



Spectracell-cardiometabolic testing


Spectracell-micronutrient testing

Organic acid test (Great Plains Lab)

Oral DNA

Labs and blood  draw fees are extra.

You have the choice of going to a lab

(like Any Lab Test Now)

or arrange a home visit with a mobile phlebotomist 


"Food first" is the most used approach by Skilled Nutriton Services Inc. However, at times, supplements have a very important role in restoring health. Therefore, Skilled Nutrition Services Inc. has partnered with some of the most reliable companies.

Emerson Ecologic-Wellevate



















Standard Process

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